live streaming

Whether it is a panel discussion at a conference, lectures in the lecture hall or meetings across several locations. A livestream offers you the possibility to bring content to your desired audience in real time. Recordings are available directly and "on demand".

 With our know-how we help you with the planning and implementation of your livestream and can draw on a large pool of material. From small presentations to large live shows, we are happy to support you with your project.


Dynamic images have always been close to our hearts. Whether for the arena or the internet, we will put your sport in the best light. We are happy to develop solutions to capture the peculiarities with the camera in the best possible way.


In today's business world, things often cannot go fast enough. Livestreams offer the possibility that many people can exchange information with each other at the same time, regardless of location. The travel time to a meeting, conference or assembly is eliminated.


Education and training can benefit from live streaming in many ways. Distance learning has been using these tools for some time now. No space problems in the lecture halls, watching unterwergs and those who have not understood something can listen to it again. Absence due to illness is no longer a problem, anyone can attend live or watch the recording afterwards.


Enrich your event with animated elements and live pictures on stage. Fully booked halls belong to the past. With an additional livestream you can increase your audience many times over and, if you wish, you can earn money by monetizing it.


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